Cryptoasset Investor’s Seeking Exposure to Governance

Should Consider Decred… Outstanding cryptoasset project with minor concerns regarding distribution and risk management. Uniquely combines proof of work and proof of stake to secure its network. While experimenting with decentralized governance via the recently implemented Politeia. Get the Audit Full Report in PDF Overview Decred employs a consensus voting […]

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Augur: The Future of Prediction Markets

If Regulators Don’t Kill it First… REP is an investable token with a sound cryptoeconomic foundation. These positives are mitigated by a disengaged community and above average risk profile due to potential for regulatory scrutiny. Resulting in a token score of 37.5 out of 50. Get the Audit Full Report […]

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Get It Together: ChainLink Securely Tying Smart Contracts to the Data They Require

Summary ChainLink is a project with a clear use case driven by market demand. Supported by a strong team and an engaged community. These positive factors are undermined by opaque distribution and minimal decentralization. Resulting in a token score of 33 out of 50. Get the Audit Full report in […]

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10 Point Checklist for Auditing Cryptoasset Investments

  Ever bought a cryptoasset making magic beans look like a sound investment? I have, so to institute some discipline in my altcoin investing process. I’ve developed an audit to help me avoid duplicating past mistakes. Many things can derail promising cryptoasset projects. Minimizing the risk of going to 0 […]

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