Factom: Building an Immutable Audit Trail

Question Is, Does Anyone Actually Need This? Summary Interesting project with challenges identifying protocol market fit and opaqueness on were company ends and project begins. Resulting in a token score of 28 out of 50. Check out the Audit Full Report in PDF Overview of the Crypto Jungle methodology used to conduct […]

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Store or Be Stored on Sia

Crypto’s HULU Well thought out project with a sound cryptoeconomic foundation. Appears scalable, secure, and has an engaged community backing it. Concerns include background of the Nebulous team and potential over reliance on Bitcoin. Resulting in a token score of 36.5 out of 50. Get the Audit Full Report in […]

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Cryptoasset Investor’s Seeking Exposure to Governance

Should Consider Decred… Outstanding cryptoasset project with minor concerns regarding distribution and risk management. Uniquely combines proof of work and proof of stake to secure its network. While experimenting with decentralized governance via the recently implemented Politeia. Get the Audit Full Report in PDF Overview of the process Crypto Jungle […]

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There are 12 Quadrillion Reasons XRP Will Never be Worth $50 a Token

Ripple is a system is optimized for permissioned financial institutions to transact directly with each other cost efficiently. XRP was issued as a liquidity management tool to facilitate transactions in illiquid currencies as needed across the network. So XRP will only ever be involved in a fraction of the activity […]

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Notes on Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

Author’s: Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar Bitcoin, with a capital B, is a platform that carries upon it programmable money, known as bitcoin with a lowercase b. Chapter 3 – Blockchain, Not bitcoin? 5 stages of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies •   Innovation Trigger •   Peak of Inflated Expectations •   Trough of […]

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