Get It Together: ChainLink Securely Tying Smart Contracts to the Data They Require

Summary ChainLink is a project with a clear use case driven by market demand. Supported by a strong team and an engaged community. These positive factors are undermined by opaque distribution and minimal decentralization. Resulting in a token score of 33 out of 50. Get the Audit Full report in […]

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Blocknet: Struggling to Gain Traction Amidst Competitive Pressures

BLOCK Token Audit Score: 36 out of 50 To date, despite impressive technical credentials and product design talents of team, Blocknet has been unable to gain traction with users and external contributors. Future outlook challenging due to competitive marketplace for decentralized and P2P exchange solutions. Real value in teams ability […]

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10 Point Checklist for Auditing Cryptoasset Investments

  Ever bought a cryptoasset making magic beans look like a sound investment? I have, so to institute some discipline in my altcoin investing process. I’ve developed an audit to help me avoid duplicating past mistakes. Many things can derail promising cryptoasset projects. Minimizing the risk of going to 0 […]

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How to Tell if A Cryptoasset is Decentralized

No One Agrees on What It Means. You Should Still Try and Evaluate Its Various Dimensions Anyway. Five components of decentralization: Widespread developer contributions Roadmap for decentralized governance Lack of Concentrated Holders (via Wallets) Would function normally without creators Global Given the uncertainty inherent in cryptoasset investing decentralization is an […]

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What to Look for in High Quality Cryptoasset Projects

Hint: It’s not relentless marketing and constant feeding of hype cycles Five components of project evaluation: The project is live and has existing users Well written high-quality white paper Demonstrated understanding of the landscape of possible competitors, substitutes Unique Value Proposition Open Source When evaluating projects I want it to […]

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